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      The (new) option to show the desktop background picture on the start screen is not available on Server 2012 R2.
      At least not for me. The option is greyed out.
      I looked for some possible restrictions that might be applied to Server 2012 R2 by default in gpedit.msc but couldn’t find anything really useful.
      Any ideas?

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      I am guessing you are not ‘activated’ yet. You should be allowed to change that setting after ‘activation’, but not before. Report back if you are activated and it still doesn’t work.

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      No, Windows is activated.
      Still doesn’t work.

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      I’m having this issue also – I also don’t have the options under Personalize on the Charms menu at the Start screen for different pattern backgrounds (and yes, I’ve definitely tried poking around in the Group Policy Editor and changing some of the policies as suggested elsewhere online).

      I’m really stuck here and, as I’m obviously using 2012 R2 as a Workstation, it is a feature I’d really like to have available. If anyone has any idea, I’m sure the help would be appreciated by both me and the OP. 🙂

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      Me, too

      I have the same Problem.

      I installed Windows Server 2012R2 Standard two times and every installation has that problem.
      I have an AMD Graphic Crad 6400 Series and last week i tested it with an Nvidia, nothing changed.

      So i think that has nothing todo with the Graphic Card. I also tried to install first driver and then Desktop Experience and the other way. But nothing changed. It looks like it is looked in the Server Editions.

      Are there some people where the feature works ?
      What Version did you install?

      Have a nice day

      P.S.: Also tried gpedit rules and that made no change. And of course Server is legal activated.

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      I don’t think it has anything to do with graphics drivers.

      I really gave up on using WS 2012 R2 as a workstation OS, because of all these little annoyances.
      The only reason I used WS 2012 R2 in the first place was to get Windows 8.1 for free, legally, but then again, there are trial versions of Windows 8.1 available that I can also use.
      Although the trial period will be over some day, it’s still possible to use it, if you don’t mind seeing a few “warnings” now and then….

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