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      Hello everyone.

      First, thanks to everyone who has labored to gather all of this information into one site and for making tools to make the process of setting up a 2008 Workstation as simple as possible.

      I have one quick question: There are several pieces (the Sidebar for example) where something is manually placed into the 2008 Workstation setup. Does anyone know if these types of items are updated along with the rest of the system when a new service pack/hot-fix comes along? Just a little concerned about have to keep various pieces manually updated.

      Many thanks,

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      I have had no issues whatsoever regarding the retention of my settings (Sidebar/Superfetch/Etc.). I don’t think it is much of an issue, I will be installing SP2 beta today and I will let you know how it goes!

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        As far as I know the stuff you add to Windows (Sidebar, gameux.dll, dmusic.inf, gamecontrollers cpl and Game Explorer) don’t have any updates. The other things you install (SuperFetch, Wireless Networking, Themes) are just disabled by default, but they are built in, so I expect they will update if needed.

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