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      I need to create a script/.BAT file that will install things from the server08covert. I need to know what switches to use for the program.

      The system needs to be fully converted during or after the install of Server 2008.
      after reading here viewtopic.php?f=16&t=446
      I realize there is no way to patch an ISO, so I need to automate the conversion, scripting seems to be the best way

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      Here is an example of what I’m doing in a text file saving as .BAT

      Serv08Convert -audio
      Serv08Convert -cursors
      Serv08Convert -sidebar64
      Serv08Convert -cad
      Serv08Convert -events

      Only problem is that I still get the “Notification” asking me to click “ok” each time.

      How do I make this happen silently through CMD? with script?

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      Hi, im replying here so more people can see the response. Right now even if you use the command line you still get notifications. Thats because these options are more like a program parameters rather than command line switches, but maybe it is a good idea to remove the notifications from command line and i will make it happen in the next version.

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      Yes it would be very nice for people like me. Right now I have to use Autoit to make a script that closes the notification boxes, then moves on to the next.

      Only problem is, I really dont know what I’m doing, honestly. But I am determined to make my install and conversion of server 2008 as automated as I know how to.
      If I post the script I’m trying to make you could help me figure it out? Or send me a version that has no notifies.

      Thanks alot!

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      Yeah i cant send you modified version which don’t show any notifications until the next official version is released. pm me your email and i will send you the file

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      So when is the next official version coming out? I haven’t got the email yet

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