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      I had a problem with my wireless card (Intel 3945abg) not being recognized (even though it’s showing up in the Device Manager.
      So I looked at the manual and it says that Wireless should be enabled; the instructions tells to load Server Manager but every time I try it load Computer Management instead.
      Does anyone have a clue what’s the reason for this?
      (I also tried to enable the wireless option using sawo excellent tool he developed. Instead it gives me an error.)

      Thanks in advance!


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      its looks u use crack

      do u use full server ?

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      Yes I use full server

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      Unfortunately there is a small problem with the wireless tweak in the current version of the server 2008 converter which is fixed in the version that is going to be released soon, so in the meantime you can use this command to enable the wireless networking:
      Go to run (the windows button+r) and then type cmd
      then type the following command in the command prompt:
      ServerManagerCmd.exe -install Wireless-Networking
      And dont use vista cracks, because they will break the server manager and many other windows server features.

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