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      i have server ’08 and xp on one drive. i then installed the backup features and backed up to a third partition. however when i tried to do a full restore using this backup it failed. can anyone point me to a good tutorial to make this work? the lack of built-in system restore (xp,vista) keeps me from moving to server ’08 as a main desktop. thanks for any help.

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        I never used the Windows Server 2008 Backup Feature, so I can’t tell you anything from my experiences. However have you looked at the following articles at the Microsoft Technet website?

        * Microsoft Technet: Windows Server Backup Step-by-Step Guide for Windows Server 2008
        * Microsoft Technet: Recovering Your Server
        * |__ Recover the Operating System

        If you did that but you got an error, what exactly was that error?

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        suske – I had to use wbadmin from the command line option in the restore app. Here’s an excellent guide to wbadmin.

        You’ll need to use DISKPART as well, here’s a good guide…

        Here’s the link and content that worked for me (except I still can’t figure out how to create a valid boot block but you probably won’t have a problem if the disk drivers you need are the same ones you backed up.) GOOD LUCK!!!

        Hopefully everyone else with a failed drive will find this thread, and can use the following command line I pieced together:

        wbadmin start recovery -version:12/23/2007-05:59 -itemtype:volume -items:c: -backuptarget:h: -recoverytarget:c:

        replacing H and C with whatever your backup and restore drives are. You can find your VERSION by browsing through your backup drive and eventually you’ll find a directory named like the version you need above. Before you run this from the recovery console, you have to setup your new drive appropriately in the DISKPART utility.

        Run a LIST VOLUME to see all your drives, then SELECT VOLUME to choose your new drive. Use CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY to create the drive you want to restore your backup to and then FORMAT QUICK to format it. ASSIGN LETTER=C will make the new partition your C drive (most likely what you backed up from) and now you can run the line above, assuming your backup is the H drive (you can use the ASSIGN LETTER=X line to make your backup drive whatever you need. Originally my C drive was my backup drive which didn’t work well for a restore).

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