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      Hello all, finished getting 2008 Enterprise loaded and all looks and works great with one puzzling exception.
      I used the adminpak tools running on XP to manage the day-to-day network operations. Now that I have loaded up the server 2008, the tools are painfully slow to start and just as slow to access any of elements once loaded. “AD Users and Computers” takes almost two minutes to start. During this wait time I noticed that the mmc task was consuming 40 to 50% of CPU cycles
      Now it is possible that this is not at all related to my server workstation but may have something to do with my 2003R2 domain controllers not liking my 2008workstation. .
      Anyone run into this?


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        How does the Stack of look like in Sysinternals Process Explorer when it’s consuming CPU cycles?

        1. Run the adminpak-tool and wait until it’s exhausting the CPU.
        2. Download and run Sysinternals Process Explorer.
        3. Doubleclick the the process adminpak-tool-process and go to the Threads tab.
        4. Click the Stack button.

        Hope you can find out some more information using this tool! 🙂

        More info about this method at Mark’s Blog: The Case of the Slooooow System.


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