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      Are any of you upgrading. How is the success from a fully converted S2K8SP2 to S2K8R2? Do all the tweaks carry over or will that all have to be reapplied?

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      I don’t know. I can’t even get all the tweaks to work (theme UX and others) to work on sp2 alone. sawo might have to remake his/her tool for R2 and SP2.

      I don’t know if it is worth it to have R2 or not I have no clue how much better it is then R1. I know one thing though it was optimised for SSD drives. I want to get an SSD drive but I hear they have issues of thier own like limited read cycled and write speeds are slower then regular disk drives. They also have some power management isssues with the drives that are higher speed consume power constantly. I also am wating for the prices to go down some and the capacity to go up. I just want one large 1-2TBdrive and the current cost would be more then my car is worth.

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      I have applied the tweaks to several machines of different hardware configs and all have worked every time.
      I saw somewhere the Conversion tool works for both server releases, but I would just like to see a confirmation.

      Personally i do not see an advantage to SSD drives yet.

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      Well now I have 2 machines converted from 2008 SP2 to 2008 RS. So far things look ok. Daemon Tools throws an error so I uninstalled it for now.
      Sidebar was enable on the one at work, looks like the one at home did not carry it over.

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      I got UXtheme/GameUX to work on SP2 I just had to restore the unpatched files and repatch those and it worked.

      Now I will try to upgrade my SP2 VM to R2 and I will try that. 🙂

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      Well after the upgrade I was able to play GRAWII without doing anything other than enabling sound. Not sure you will need to bother with the gameux file.

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      updated my 2008 Web Server to R2 yesterday, just had to install new nVidia drivers für my GTX280, everything else worked out of the box.

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