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      i was thinking of Installing Windows Server 2008 on PC , but i was wondering if the K8N Neo Platinum Motherboard with nforce 3 is supported on Server 2008? i have download all the drivers i need, since i heard that Windows Vista drivers work on Windows Server 2008? so is this possible ❓

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        If you downloaded all Vista drivers with the right architecture (x86/x64) everything should work fine! However, there are some rare cases some devices won’t work but in 99% of the cases all Vista drivers just work fine! 🙂 When using the installers, the setup might be aborted due some check whether you are running Vista, but most times you can circumvent that check by extracting the installation package and installing the driver manually. See the following topic or the explanation in the Drivers tutorial of in manual as an example: Win2008workstation Forum – HP Photosmart C5280 problem!.

        Good luck installing Windows Server 2008! 😉

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