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        Hi !

        Are there a securityproblem with PDF´s in Firefox 19 ?

        I know that Firefox (FF) 19 has an internal PDF-viewer, but i always download PDF-documents so i can scan them with my antimalwareprograms before opening them,
        and i also already have a very good program for PDF´s (PDF-Xchange) with a lot of options for viewing etc. so i don´t want to use another viewer.

        I have all “PDF-settings” in Firefox set to “save”.
        But today i noticed that when i click on a directlink (URL) to a PDF-document, that FF opened it in a new tab instead of saving it as my settings says it should do.
        Although i´m not worried about my security this time, as the PDF-document itself is no problem since it was a testreport from Matousec…

        A quick look at the configuration in FF, enter “about:config” in a new tab, and typing “pdf” revealed: “pdfjs.disabled;false”
        Switching that to “true” by double-clicking it stops FF from opening PDF´s internally.

        Now the BIG question is, does FF´s internal PDF-viewer support javascript ?
        And if so, how do you disable javascript ?
        And why is there no setting in the “application-menu” for disabling the internal viewer ???

        Remember, running javascript in a PDF-viewer can be VERY dangerous !

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