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      hi !

      Security-programs for W8

      there are a few antivirus-programs that work on W8, some are listed by Microsoft on their webbsite,
      but there are probably also other programs.

      I know that W8 has MSE built-in renamed to windows defender, but it´s a bit restricted.
      fx you can´t select when you want to run a scheduled scan…
      Also, one thing is VERY annoying, there is NO taskbar-icon for Defender, which can give you the impression that it have stopped working….

      It has been reported that MSE doesn´t work, not even v4-beta.
      I tried to install Forefront EndPoint Security 2010 (FEP), but the installer refused to install on W8.
      I then downloaded the next version of Forefront, which is now called Security Center 2012 Endpoint Protection (SCEP).
      It´s a release candidate but i installed it without any complaints about W8.
      The latest version was recently released, so i suspected that it would run on W8.
      But before you go ahead and try to find it, a small warning: the whole download is 1,4 GB (GIGABYTE !).

      The Antivirus-program itself (the client) is only 18 MB, but you have to download the whole Security Center 2012 Endpoint Protection , and then extract the Antivirus-program from the exe-file.

      I´m wondering if it would be ok to upload that installer to fx. skydrive and make it publicly available ?
      Since Security Center 2012 Endpoint Protection (RC) is freely available for everyone to download from M$, it shouldn´t be a problem.
      That would save everyone from having to download 1,4 GB…. :mrgreen:

      It´s a 180-days free trial, so it will last for a while…
      Open the file with fx. 7-zip, and go to SMSSETUPCLIENT, then extract SCEPInstall.exe


      Emsisoft Antimalware (EAM) also seems to be working:

      WinPatrol works:

      Edit: fixed 2 typos.

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