Screenshots of Windows "8" Pre-alpha release revealed!

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      GR8 PICS halladayrules

      btw its good to hear that u switch back to server good for u!

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      Haha, you got me! 😆 Hidden after a tinyurl redirect 😛

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      Windows Server “8” Build 7956 was found leaked on many popular torrents site over the weekend.
      Essentially it is still a Server 2008 R2 shell with a few minor UI tweaks and hopefully some new features worth checking out.

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      Hey guys,

      I just thought you’d all be interested in seeing some of the Microsoft’s upcoming client operating system I assume to be called Windows “8”. From what I can tell, beta testing for this OS could be as early as July 2011 with the RTM coming in Q1 of 2012!!!!



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