Sabrent ATSC and Digital TV Tuner PCI Card (TV-PCIDG)

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      Hello guys. Long time lurker. First time poster. I usually check the forums to find my solutions and conversions for my Server config. Been playing around with Server 2012 and so far, my workstation config is almost perfect. I only have a few downsides. This is one of the bigger ones. I’m trying to get this tuner card to work. Worked like a charm in Server 2008 R2 but tried installing the driver for the card through Device Manager and I keep getting an error message. I’ve tried the Microtune driver (which came from Sabrent’s website directly), I’ve tried using DriverMax to install a generic driver but it doesn’t work correctly, and I’ve even tried other drivers that should work (like Auvitek’s NTSC drivers, as all I wanted to use was the analog rca connections). With the exception of the generic driver that didn’t work for me, every other driver I’ve tried has given me an error.

      I don’t know if anyone has a problem with their tuner card but I thought I’d mention mine on here since I have pretty much given up on getting this card to work.

      If this is in the wrong section, please move it. I thank you all for your time and keep up the excellent work!!

      P.S. If the attached file is too big, please let me know. Thank you.

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