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      could u guys add rss to the website

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      We are getting ready to up date the style for the forum and add a portal. I will let admin and mods know and see what they think.

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      Me too..

      Absolutely please add an RSS.

      This is one of my favourite sites and I want to keep up to date.

      Cheers… Bucket

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      I 3rd the idea of incorporating RSS into this site. Love the site and love RSS. They would go nicely together like chocolate and peanut butter – unless you have an allergy to either. Keep up the great work admins and mods!

      One unrelated question… do users have the ability to change the theme they see on a user by user basis? I’m not digging the black background. It hurts my eyes, but I know some like it and I would not want to ruin their experience.


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        It’s a good idea of implementing RSS in the forum. I already found an RSS Plugin forPHPBB3 but didn’t have the time to install it yet, because it takes some time.

        I disabled the board feature Override user style:Replaces user’s style with the default so everyone can use the style you like! You can change your board style in the User CP -> Board preferences -> Edit global settings -> My board style.

        Have a good time! πŸ˜‰

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        Administator – you have fun, too. Don’t let administrating stress you out. Have fun with it and please don’t take anything personally. Great job and thanks!

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          Haha I won’t stress myself out, but the RSS mod is now installed! πŸ˜‰ The RSS button is only available in the prosilver style, but when you just go to the url you can create the newsfeed url too. The format of the feed (RSS2/Atom) can be adjusted in your User CP.

          N-joy this new feature! πŸ™‚

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          Administrator – I’m lovin’ the RSS on my Blackberry via Viigo & Bloglines already. You rock! Your time installing that is much appreciated.

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          Let me know which RSS feed mod you used and I will figure out how to get it into Graphite. I just installed a portal and gallery on my most used board. It took me a bit of interpretation since the creators of this style basiclly started from scratch.

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            I installed the MOD Full Syndication Suite 1.0.RC1 (RSS/ATOM) from

            Thanks in advance for your help! πŸ˜‰

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            I have down loaded it and it does not look that bad. If you have all of the admin/includes and so on edited already then i will just build the template/overallheader.html button and test the code.

            I will not have time till this weekend or next week.

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              Hi Triel, I edited all files according to the install.xml. I guess it’s needed to copy and edit the following files to the new style:

              Edited files:

              Files included in the package:

              Don’t know how much work this is, but don’t hurry, people can also just use these urls:
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              Yeah, I just did not like the way it did not center in the Graphite style. Has to have something to do with the way they coded it. I installed a Gallery on my LOTR board and found I have still not got the “gallery_notify” function to work correctly. The function will not route you to the gallery when a new images is uploaded. It also has to do with the way the code was written.

              I will figure it out though!

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