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      I could never figure out why Microsoft continually decides to make UAC the most annoying pile of crap I’ve ever seen. It’s bad enough you get prompted for an annoying box, but now they gone a step worse and forced you to run everything in admin approval mode by default, EVEN WHEN YOU’RE AN ADMINISTRATOR!

      What does this mean? It means even if you’re the king Administrator of your computer’s domain, you still have to runas everything, despite the fact you denoted yourself as the master caretaker of the royal Windows Duke of Pain in my ….ANYWAYS! The solution is simple my friends:

      In the Local Security Policy under Local Policies > Security Options you will see a option listed called User Account Control: Run all Administrators in Admin Approval Mode
      Simply disable it and rejoice in the fact you can run everything under Administrative privileges without constantly being told “Access Denied”.

      Removing the pesky User Account Control cannot undone without a fight, we need it to suffice installing Metro apps from the Windows Store. However, using this clever registry fix I have devised a way to keep UAC on, but never annoyingly prompt the user for verification.

      IN registry editor, do a search for “EnableLUA” once the search arrives at the key destination, simply change the following entries to “0” on the right side:


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