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      Back in server 2008 and R2, I can install the remote desktop session host role (and any dependencies) and get 120 days of remote-to-myself-at- This is useful for using a limited account and occasionally needing to run some admin stuff, without having to deal to switching desktop, etc.

      In server 2012, after installing remote desktop session host, I again get the 120-day warning, but then I can’t connect to The remote connection shows a black screen then gives me an access denied without any other errors. I’ve already enabled remote desktop from any connection. The account is an admin account, and I’ve also tried a normal user from the remote desktop users group. The event log shows authentication succeeded but there’re some disconnect events with reason 2 and 26xx?
      I later on added remote desktop connection broker but still no dice.

      Has anyone tried, without setting up licensing mode? Like I said, it used to work in 2008 and R2.

      * Never mind, it works. I was using the same admin account for console and remote, and forgot the single session limit group policy. When I used the other limited account, I forgot to add to remote users group, and forgot to re-test after I added it.
      Now that I think of it, maybe connection broker isn’t even needed.

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