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      Having issues when I try to create a PPTP connection to a remote site.

      It complains about that “Remote Access Auto Connection Manager” is not started. When I try to start it in “services” it won’t start, neither “Remote Access Connection Manager” is starting when I try to do it manually.

      It doesn’t help to reboot the computer, I´m logged in as a user with administration rights, the computer is not in an domain.

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      Remote Access Connection Manager depends on the Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol and Telephony Services. Start starting the telephony and SSTP services first

      Open command prompt and type:

      sc start tapisrv
      sc start sstpsvc


      sc start rasman

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      I get this errors as shown on the picture when I try your instructions. Routing and Remote Access Services is installed, do I need to install Network policy Server as well?

      /Tanks T

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      Verify that Remote Procedure Call is running as well…

      sc query rpcss

      Check to see that the state of the service is “running” if not…

      sc start rpcss


      sc start sstpsvc
      sc start tapisrv
      sc start rasman

      If the above doesn’t work, try this..

      Type in the following commands:

      net localgroup administrators localservice /add
      net localgroup administrators networkservice /add

      Now try the three previous commands above to see if it works.

      Routing and Remote Access nor Network Policy server is required to start these services as they are available when the operating system is first installed with no roles or features installed. I can start the Remote Access Auto Connection Manager service just fine on my end.

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      I see “Access is Denied” message.
      Has your user account administrator (Administrators group) rights?
      If no, try to use the “Administrator” account to turn on the services. 😉

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      It doesn’t seems to help. I have tried to log in with the administration account and it doesn´t help.

      When I try to start the services from the GUI I get the error messages as seen on the picture. It is the services “Remote Access Connection Manager” and “Remote Access Auto Connection Manager” that fails to start.
      I have looked at the dependencies services and they all seems to be OK.

      /Thanks T

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      Manually delete your newly created VPN connection and try to start the Secure Sockets Tunneling Protocol service again. If it starts you should be able to start Remote Access Auto Connection Manager service as well. It seems like the VPN connection is gaining control of that particular service and will not allow you to start it because it is in use.

      Have you received this message when attempting to start SSTP service from Services.msc GUI? “Some services stop automatically if they are not in use by other services or programs.” ?

      If so deleting your existing VPN connection and then manually starting these services, AND THEN creating the VPN connection again should resolve your issue.

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