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      I’m trying to install ReadyDriver, but, before I give it a try and probably blow my whole system up, I wanted to make sure:

      – My Windows install is at C:Windows
      – The boot loader (for some reason) is at D:BOOT (or, at least, it’s the only drive that has a BOOT folder)

      Should I install RD into C:BOOT or D:BOOT?

      VistaBootPro returns this:

      Windows Boot Manager
      identifier {bootmgr}
      device partition=D:
      description Windows Boot Manager
      locale en-US
      inherit {globalsettings}
      default {current}
      displayorder {current}
      toolsdisplayorder {memdiag}
      timeout 3

      Windows Boot Loader
      identifier {current}
      device partition=C:
      path Windowssystem32winload.exe
      description Microsoft Windows Server 2008
      locale en-US
      inherit {bootloadersettings}
      bootdebug No
      osdevice partition=C:
      systemroot Windows
      resumeobject {fb8ba6bb-a388-11dd-9b40-9394b3b7913e}
      nx OptOut
      pae ForceDisable
      numproc 2
      custom:250000f0 0
      detecthal No
      vga No
      quietboot No
      usefirmwarepcisettings No
      sos No
      debug No


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        I don’t know exactly how the ReadyDriver tool works, so I suggest to ask/look up your question at the ReadyDriver Support forums.

        Good luck! 😉


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