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      Hi there. I have been using 2012 R2 with onboard graphics for quite some time, and recently decided that I wanted to try adding a graphics card.

      I put it in, and it boots fine but the device comes up as “Microsoft Basic Display Adapter”. I searched these forums and I saw that people had success installing HD 7xxx cards, and maybe one person got a HD 5xxx card to work.

      I have tried downloading the windows 8 drivers and using orca to modify the .msi in the driverswin8CE455.msi to include WIN_WIN8_SRV and WIN_2012_R2 but I can’t seem to get it right. As each time I try to install just that .msi it tells me that it is not compatible.

      Does anyone have any advice or could help me figure out how to get this thing running?

      Thanks in advance!


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      well.. I am an idiot. I saw some advice that you should uninstall the “base driver” that windows installs automatically. I did that, ran the installer straight from AMD’s website – and it worked. Bonus points because it updated the onboard graphics driver as well (now recognized as HD 4200).

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      Does Catalyst work too?

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      @Dimitris_S wrote:

      Does Catalyst work too?



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      I have read that thread but does not work for me, since there are no registry entries to tweak…

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      run > regedit > search > Acceleration.Level > from 4 to 0

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      I did try that, but no luck.

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