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      I should be getting a laptop soon and I’ll be putting Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise (Evaluation Copy) on it somehow, either on a separate partition or via Virtual PC in Windows Vista Home Premium. I’ve read that you can enable Aero in Virtual PC (VPC) for Windows 7, but I am not clear on if you need Vista Enterprise / Ultimate or 7 Enterprise / Ultimate to do so (same Host + Guest OS/Edition), because I read somewhere that it is required to do so.

      If anyone can get Server 2008 R2 w/ Aero working in VPC on Vista Home Premium, I’d like to hear how it goes. Most of the tutorials I found said you have to connect via Remote Desktop Connection.

      Thanks. 🙂

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      Might try this once I free up some more disk space 🙂

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      @RemixedCat wrote:

      Might try this once I free up some more disk space 🙂

      Let me know how it goes! 😎

      Are you on Vista Home Premium? Your signature says XP SP3 so I’m not sure if that’s outdated.
      I’m still debating between running R2 natively (partition) or in VPC, which is why I need to know. I might start in VPC and then move it to a partition.

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      I got that xpsp3 partition for recovery purposes. I do not run vista but server 2008 x64!

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