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      Since some time I always get an code 500 error when I try to send a PM …

      Perhaps someone could look at the logs …

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      Could you be a bit more specific? Does it happen when you click “Compose Message” or “Send”? It works fine for me without any error messages.

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      At the moment I click on “Send”.

      There is nothing special I could explain additional …

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        Got issues with this before. I think it’s because of the ModSecurity mod for Apache which thinks some content of the (POST-)request is malicious. Will see this weekend if I can disable it for the ucp.php script.

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          Updated the .htaccess for the ucp.php file.

          McStarfighter, can you verify whether the problem is solved now?


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          Yes, now it works (you should get the test mail I sent) … 😉

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            It also depends on the contents of your message: if it looks suspicious to ModSecurity (i.e. like XSS/SQL Injection attempts) they would be blocked.

            Anyway, if you still have problems with it, let me know! 😉

        Viewing 6 reply threads
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