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      I’m using Asus P5B deluxe/wifi-ap, 965 chipset. I have intel speedstep enabled, q-fan control enabled. I made a new power management profile, oriented on low performance and low power requirements. I use this profile only during the night to lower the pc consumption since its on all the time. When I have balanaced or high performance profile everything is ok. when I switch to low performance, it takes only a small amount of time and windows explorer freezes and restarts. I also noticed that when I wake up the pc from screensaver, the whole pc “freeezes” – the pc acts like windows explorer is not responding, and nothing can be done, have to reset the pc. This happened to me like 2times. Anybody experiencing something like this??

      Mainboard: ASUS P5B Deluxe/Wifi-AP
      CPU: Intel Core2Duo 6320
      RAM: 4x2Gb Kingston 667Mhz
      GPU: Gainward 8600GT 1Gb
      HDD: 2x WD 320Gb/16Mb in RAID0, 1xWD 750GB

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