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      My system:
      mobo- Gigabyte model GA-P35-DS3L
      processor- E6750 (core 2 duo)
      memory- 6GB total DDR2 PC8300
      WD 500GB under SATA 2
      WD 1TB under SATA 1
      NEC ND-2510A DVD Burner
      Geforce 8800GT
      SB Xfi Gamer

      Now, my problem is when I install the x64 version of Server 2008, I get this error message “windows server 2008 cannot find cd/dvd mass storage drivers” and the install cannot proceed.

      Do I need to buy a SATA DVD burner or could this be a controller issue for the new hard drive? I hadn’t yet formatted the 1TB drive when I tried to install this. I took it out of the bubble wrap and plugged it in. Subsequently XP was viewing it as a DVD drive but my bios reads it just fine. I’m formatting and assigning a drive letter now in XP just to prep it for another go-around.

      I also don’t see anything in my bios about a RAID setup, so I don’t know if it’s disabled. I’m assuming it is since XP is still booting correctly with both drives plugged in (XP is on the SATA 2 500GB drive). If this is just a matter of finding a driver for my DVD drive, I can throw it on a USB stick and go ahead with that. The problem is, I have no clue where to find an x64 version of the inf file. Can anyone help me out?

      I’m sorry for how this was typed. To say I’m exhausted would be an understatement and I’m not attempting anything else with my system until I get a good night’s rest. Thanks in advance!

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      FYI it was that I just hadn’t formatted and assigned the new hard drive. Everything installed perfectly after that. All Vista drivers have been 100% compatible. 😀

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