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      This workaround might help you if you hava a Vistadriver that “should” work with Vista, but Server 2008 reject it because it’s not signed by Microsoft.
      I’m running it on 2 different system right now, a Hp laptop Nx6125 (64Turion), and a Intel Pentium x64 desktop system, both on Server 2008 x64.
      In the Intel system I wasn’t sure if the Pinnacle pctv card, and the Sil IDE card could be installed, but with this workaround, there was no problem.

      I don’t know why Microsoft have this protection against uassigned drivers on this level of OS, Server 2008 should be maintained by people that have some high degree of knowledge of security 😀

      Good luck 😆

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        Nice tool! I haven’t needed it yet, but I guess there will be people that need it to install their unsigned drivers. 🙂

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        Well I’ll hope it could help someone with Server 2008 😉

        But be aware, I did run into a problem yesterday, on my stationary pc, had to reformat, and reinstall Server 2008, after getting a “BOOTMGR image is corrupt. The system cannot boot.” I don’t know if its related to this workaround, but be aware of it.. 😕

        Btw Server 2008 Workstation (with Aero enabled) running smooth as hell on my Laptop 🙂 Better than xp pro actually 😆

        I’ll don’t want any credit for this, i’m just a messenger 😆

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        That BOOTMGR failure may have been do to a driver error (maybe). I think you can actually fix that problem, if you see it again. Use the Vista or WinServ08 disc to get a well working MS-DOS window (the reason I said well working is due to some DOS workarounds, ie. USB boot, will not give you the help files for all commands). Then just type help. This will show you the cmd structure of BCDEDIT (after typing bcdedit help). Then I think you can fix the bootmgr and do alot more tweaks to the boot.

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