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      Originally posted by xxcom9a Tue Sep 01, 2009 11:53 pm
      Updated and edited by hackerman1, Monday 2014-12-05

      If you have posted in the wrong forumsection by mistake

      Create a new post / thread in the right section, and then delete the first one:
      open a new tab to the forum and go to the right section
      go to the tab with your misplaced post (wrong section)
      select “Edit”
      copy your post (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C)
      go to the new tab (right section)
      paste (Ctrl-V) the copied text in the right thread / start a new thread
      go back to your misplaced post (copy the title if it was a new thread), then delete it
      paste the title in the new post (if it was a new thread…)
      click “Submit”
      This is the easiest and fastest way !
      Of course you can also contact the Admins / Moderators via PM, but then it can take some time to move your post…. 😉

      When posting about software (programs / drivers etc.)

      Terms like “last version”, “this driver?”, & “the latest Driver” doesn´t help.
      When referring to software always post both the filename and a link to the software.
      This is (of course) important especially when you are requesting help… 😉

      Make sure your posts are readable

      Do not post a long text in one BIG chunk, because such posts are hard to read.
      Use linefeed (CR/LF) = press ENTER and start a new sentence on a new line.
      Try to put the text in groups with not more than 10 lines in each group,
      and place an empty line between each group.
      This is (of course) important especially when you are requesting help… 😉
      Because if other members can´t read your post then don´t expect any…

      When posting (non-) compatible programs

      Please follow this template as it makes it easier for me,
      and it makes sure that the websites / information is correct according to you.

      Program name:
      Compatible ?:

      When Posting a Problem or Question

      Please include the specifications of your computer.
      A good place for this so you don’t forget is your signature,
      which can be accessed by going to: User Control Panel > Profile > Edit Signature.

      Please include this information:

      Processor Speed and Type
      Amount of RAM
      Graphics Card
      Sound Card*
      External Peripherals / Devices*
      Operating System
      Any server roles / features you have installed*

      *depending on the question or problem, hard drive size is optional.

      For example:

      2.0GHz AMD Athlon X2 dual-core processor QL-64
      3GB DDR2 RAM / 250GB HDD
      ATI HD 3200 discrete graphics card
      Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit)

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