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      Hey Guys,
      New to the forum, just built a new beastie of a machine, got talked into installing Server08x64 instead of Vista. I’m having some issues with getting games to work as I believe they should. First, my build:

      Corei7 920
      ATI Radeon HD 4870
      650W Corsair Power Supply
      Asus P6T Mobo
      6Gig G.Skill RAM

      It’s a beastie. The problem is that games often chug A LOT (Mass Effect and Crysis are the two I’ve tried so far). I get a lot of static in my sound whenever it’s trying to load something in a game and get frequent significant framerate drops. I’ve used the Server Converter for just about everything it can do and confirmed most setting changes manually. I changed my Audio priority per the Prevent Stuttering Sound tweak. I’ve got the latest drivers (though Server doesn’t seem to like the x64 ATI drivers… Catalyst Control Center keeps complaining that it can’t recognize my video card even though it appears perfectly correctly in Device Manager…) None of my geekier friends can figure out how to fix this, so can anyone help heal my limping monster?

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      go to devices manager, uninstall your graphic card from the list, and then make the system look for the new devices. after doing this catalyst control center will recognize your video card drivers (apparently when instaling ati drivers they aren’t applied to the device or something like that, so windows keeps using it’s built-in drivers) and probably You’ll get better performance. also check if You have hyper-v role installed. if it is – uninstall it – in some cases it’s making huge performance drop, even if not used.

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      WOW…. So, I uninstalled the drivers and that allowed CCC to function correctly but my performance issue was still there…

      Then I uninstalled Hyper-V (was using it a little for Ubuntu) and my performance issues disappeared. Crysis looks AMAZING now. Thanks so much for the info!!! Maybe someone should add the dangers of Hyper-V on performance to the site?

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