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      Hi there, running on a M1330 from Dell with 8400gs 128MB onboard and I can’t run NFS Undercover in playable conditions… disabled all details and running on 800×600. I don’t think this card is such a crap not to even run this game playable but I maybe wrong… However I think it’s a system issue (tried also older games), can I somehow patch the system to perform well graphics-wise?

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        Is it only with NFS or also with other games? Maybe it’s caused because you have the Hyper-V Server Role installed? It’s known that this Server Role can cause huge performance problems.

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        It’s also with Sauerbraten which I used to play on my 1,6 Ghz Athlon XP PC with no problems overall.
        I don’t think i have Hyper-V as I have a 32-bit OS, but I may be wrong?

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          You are right, Hyper-V can’t run on a 32bit OS. To play games make sure you have the most recent drivers installed (especially the graphics drivers). For more information about installing drivers see the Drivers Page in the manual.

          After installing the most recent drivers see if everything works fine by running the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. (Start -> Run -> dxdiag)

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