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      How can I install photoshop CS3 ?I`ve tried almost everything from this forum but nothing worked,I still get the message “Adobe setup has stopped working” when I try to install it.

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        Can you post the problem signature? This allows us to better identify the problem. You can view the signature by clicking “View Problem Details” in the “X has stopped working” window.

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        After getting it installed please add it to the DEP exeptions list. adding plugins to PS CS4 makes it crash on startup. adding it to DEP-Execptions list fixes this.

        1)right click my computer
        3)advanced system settings
        4)advanced tab
        5)in the performance section click the settings button
        6)go to the Data Execution Prevention tab
        7)Add the PSCS4 or 3 entry from the program files (x86) and x64 directories
        8)click ok to add and ok out any other menus.

        this should help to prevent plugins making PS crash on startup.

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        Here it is:

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          Looks like DEP is causing trouble. DEP is often the problem if you see the 0xC0000005 Exception Code. To disable DEP completely follow the Disable DEP tutorial. To disable it only for the setup.exe you want to run (which is safer), follow step 2 on that page until you reached the step to enable DEP for Essential Windows programs and services only. In stead click the Add button, select your setup.exe executable and save the settings by clicking OK/Apply.

          Run the setup and it should work now!

          Good luck!


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          which is basically what I said above 😛

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            @RemixedCat wrote:

            which is basically what I said above 😛

            Oh yes, you are right! 😛 But you were talking about Photoshop plugins in combination with DEP while he hasn’t even installed Photoshop! 😉

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            Hello.Thank you both for the answers but its still the same problem.Turning off dep helped with some other programs for me but not with photoshop.

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            well my steps for the DEP thing were still correct funny one 😛

            I also was warning them about the issue I blew up and broke a cup over becuase my effect plugin I was using kept crashing photoshop at startup and I search google for 5 hours and came up with nothing. I then said “to hell with it I think it’s DEP” and I turned it off for CS4 and butta-bing it worked.

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              @RemixedCat wrote:

              well my steps for the DEP thing were still correct funny one 😛

              Yeah-yeah, I’m just too stubborn to admit I was wrong. 😳 😎

              : Just installed Adobe Photoshop CS3 as test and it installs/runs works without any problems. You can also try to right click the installer and choose Troubleshoot compatibility. Possibly this gives you some options to install it without crashing… It’s still weird that while I’m using the exact same version of the installer ( it behaves differently. 🙄

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              Strange things happens,it used to work on xp sp2-3,vista&7 🙂 However I moved to CS4 now and it works fine. I`ll try with some other version of CS3 later and tell you the result.

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              If i remember correctly the CS3 installer needs “Microsoft Application Verifier”
              Dont think there was a msi file to orca’de ❓


              Run the tool, pick ‘Add Application’ from the file menu and browse to the ‘setup.exe’ program in the CS3 install folder on the DVD. Once you’ve added the app you can pick tests from the right pane. Open the ‘Compatibility’ node and check HighVersionLie. Right click it after checking it and pick properties. Fill in the above info to mimick win xp sp2 (option: major version 5, minor version 1, build number 2600. Advanced: service pack major 2, service pack minor 1) – you dont need to specify the product type field. Save everything (button on bottom right of app) and then run the installer for CS3 (setup.exe in the photoshop cs3 folder) with the Application Verifier running

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