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      After appying the RC1 update I have has a major decrease in performance.

      Apps that I notice are most games, WMP (playing any media, is really jerky), load times on apps.
      Also the startup time on the machine is alot slower as well.

      I did a full reinstall and then tested. Everything was fine.
      Apply the RC1 update and performance turned to Shet.

      Now this maybe becuase of the P35 intel driver, but I only started getting these issues after apply the Hyper-V RC1 update.

      Anyone else notice this ??


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        Hey Wallynut,

        I also installed the RC1 update almost directly after I installed Hyper-V so I haven’t noticed anything, however I sometimes have the stuttering music you describe, but I don’t know if that’s because of Hyper-V.

        Another thing that still doesn’t work well is Internet Connection Sharing in combination with a Virtual Network in Hyper-V that is connected to a Physical Network Card. In my case my Windows Server 2008 pc is the gateway for serveral computers in my home network. Directly after I connect a Virtual Network to a Physical Network Card, the traffic to my other computers stops. If you take a look at the client pc’s network status they only send packets, but don’t receive anything back from my Server 2008 pc. 🙁

        Hope they ‘ll fix it in the final release! 🙂

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        I get the music stutter whenever my system goes into “secure mode” but I’ve disabled everything that puts it there now except for when I press ctrl-alt-del.

        I’m using Hyper-V with an XP VM and a Vista VM and it seems to be working fine. I got my system upgraded from 2 GB to 4 GB and that helped a lot (I can assign 1 GB to each of my VMs). For some reason, the Vista VM seems to work faster than the XP though. The only networking issue I have had was that I didn’t realize I had to go in and “add hardware” to tell the VMs that they have a NIC.

        Also make sure you install the Integration Services in each of your VMs. It really adds a lot (I was especially annoyed at having to push ctrl-alt-left to get out of the VM window, so I was quite happy to find that I no longer need to).

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          I did the same you did: bought 2GB ram so I now have 4GB. You are right about the Integration Services: they make it a lot better to work with the Virtual Machine. I hope they will have Integration Services for Windows Vista x64 soon too, because without you don’t have a Network Interface! For now I use the virtual (1.44MB) floppy to bring files from Vista x64 to Vista x86 and then copy them via the virtual network to a shared folder at my non-virtual computer… 😕

          When can we expect the final version of Hyper-V to be released? 🙂

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          After installing Hyper-v the system become very slow on opening every application, windows media player sound bad.. and the games doesn’t go good, i need to lower the resolution to avoid image freeze.

          The problem appear also if there are no VM running, with beta,rc0 and rc1.

          Aero become slow. ALT+TAB between windowed application and full-screen application (games) takes about 4 seconds; normally it is very fast ( < 0,1 seconds i think it can't be calculated :D ) Disabling aero helps a bit the overall performance. Deinstalling the hyper-v solves the problem. Any ideas? C2DUO 2,4GHZ
          4GB RAM
          250gb 7200rpm
          nvidia 8600 256mb

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          Well after reinstalling a couple of times to prove that the slow down occured after a microsoft update I have found that intel has released Server 2008 drivers for my P35 chipset.

          Installed these new drivers and performance back to normal. yippee

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          Does this update affect the system even if im not using hyper-v? I just installed all of the available updates, but i cant really notice any difference.I just completed the CSS stress test and there was small performance loss, but i suspect thats because im installing server 2008 on virtual pc 2007 at the same time..
          Btw my mobo uses P35 chipset too, but the latest drivers are from 2007.

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          I’ve also got a P35 chipset motherboard but can’t find the Server 2008 driver you mentioned.

          Can you please provide a link to this driver or the exact name of the installation package?


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