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        Hi !

        I tested Outpost Firewall Pro yesterday.
        It installs without complaining about server and runs without any obvious problems.

        I ran Comodo´s LeakTest (CLT), and got 290 / 330.
        Emsisoft AntiMalware (EAM) also blocked several leaks that Outpost missed, resulting in a better total result.

        I was a bit tired when i ran those tests so i´m going to reinstall Outpost,
        both versions (Firewall Pro and Outpost Free Suite), and doublecheck what they fail to block,
        i will also run some other leaktests, posting results later.

        But looking at Matousec, http://www.matousec.com/projects/proactive-security-challenge-64/results.php,
        a much tougher test than CLT, it seems that the “best” firewall that runs on WS2012 is Outpost….
        Private Firewall also performed well, but it isn´t W8-compatible yet, (there is a thread about that over at wilders-forum which i checked yesterday), and Kaspersky doesn´t like server-O/S.

        So if you want a good firewall with HIPS that runs on WS2012, take a look at Outpost:

        It would be interesting to hear what other members think about Outpost firewall,
        so if someone else could install it and run some leaktest would be nice….

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