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      Hello Friends,

      I am running Windows Server 2008 x64 as a workstation and all is well. In the past, I installed Office 2007 on Windows 2008 and the Windows Update utility, installed on 2008, was able to detect Office 2007 and install Office’s updates just fine through this utility. However, I was required to visit Office Update and through IE, an ActiveX control was was seemingly initiated which allowed Office to be detected through the Windows Update utility. This had to happen first.

      Now, I have a fresh install of Windows 2008 as well as Office 2007. The problem this time is that when I went to Office Update to “trigger” the control to have the Windows Update utility detect Office, it did not work. I was sent to the older style Windows Update page and even that page does not detect Office.

      My basic Windows updates for the OS function just fine.

      My question is, is there a control I can register manually to have the installed Windows Update detect Office 2007 so I may receive my updates as i was able to do previously?

      Thanks for any help. 🙂

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      did u try to updates from office it self ?

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      Hello aviv00,

      Yes… I did but it redirected me to the old style Windows update.

      To make a long story short, I formatted due to complications installing Zune x64 software. I installed Office 2007 again and now it is working fine… Go figure…

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