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      Just a mini-guide cause I just found this out and I couldn’t find any present information on it by Googling. I wanted to uninstall Windows Media Player because it was constantly hijacking file associations and driving me up the wall, to make things worse since updating to SP1 it stopped working completely (because WMP hadn’t been updated to build 7601).

      As you know Windows Server uses Roles & Features to add and remove Windows features, however these are few and very broadly defined, like “Desktop Experience”. To get the Windows 7 “Add and Remove Windows components” dialogue, which has each feature in detail, perform these steps:

      Get Windows 7 install media (ISO file and mount it, or put the disc in your drive)

      Open sourcesinstall.wim using 7-zip

      Go into 1Windowssystem32 and copy OptionalFeatures.exe to C:Windowssystem32.

      Run OptionalFeatures.exe, and tah-dah, all the features are there to be enabled or disabled.

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