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      Yes I’m a geek, and yes I’m in a lab… a multi-hospital/clinic health system lab actually — the Laboratory Information Services part of it. We maintain 30 years of laboratory results on a little over a million medical record numbers.

      Me, I’m a developer (by title anyway), chief system administrator, cook, maid, and general handyman (two days ago I was building shelving units…) I’ve been programming professionally for over 25 years so I’m what’s called an “old fart” under some really wierd setups – Coherent, PI/Open, UniVerse, UniData, Theos, Revelation, and others. I’m administer: HP-UX, Linux, Netware, as well as Windows servers. Databases: Sybase, MS-SQL 2005, Cache’, and UniVerse. Current programming languages of choice are: C#, Java, PHP and UniVerse BASIC.

      I hold MCSE, CCNA, and ZCE (Zend — PHP) certifications, and too many years of experience for my own good.

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      Hi Labgeek,

      You are really welcome here.

      Your expertise is important for all of us to help.

      Thank you for your presentation, and enjoy reading sections and give a hand if you wish so.

      Étienne 😎

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