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      I have 64-bit Server 2008 with SoundMax built-in sound driver on my Asus P5Q-E motherboard. The SoundMax driver installs the “Blackhawk” icon for sound.

      This time, I didn’t install the Desktop Experience role — I like not having Media Player integrated (I just use Flash and VLC).

      Oblivion had problems with the mouse and keyboard freezing while the graphics continued. I googled it and people said they’d fixed it by installing codec packs. This clued me in that I was probably missing some codecs that Oblivion needed, so I went into Oblivion.ini and changed bMusicEnabled from 1 to 0. That fixed my problem.

      My rig is heavily overclocked, and I don’t know if OB has probs with my sound card in general (i have latest Vista64 drivers from Asus for it), but this fixed my problems.

      In case you hit it.

      I like not having the Desktop Experience role. Keeps the bloat WAY down and it is nice to see a version of the Microsoft OS with the Media player codecs unbundled.

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