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      Hi all,

      I’m new to this forum, tried searching for the solution but didn’t found anything yet.

      The problem:

      I have a computer with a Tyan mobo (s5396), 2 Xeon QuadCore cpu’s, 16Gb FBB RAM, Areca 1220 Raidcontroller and a Gf 8600GT.

      Afther installing Server2008 Enterprise (X64) i got everything to work except the Graphical Card. Windows keeps showing the card to me as a Standard VGA adapter.
      I tried uninstalling the device and reïnstalling it but windows seems to not recognise the Graphical card as an 8600GT.

      Does someone has any advice for me to solve this problem?

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      Interesting, I have the same issue with the 8600 gt mobile in my Dell XPS1530. The built in laptop screen is only running 60hz frame rates due to not being able to recognize what kind of screen is installed. I’ve kicked around Dells site for the drivers for this and the only ones available are for the Nvidia 8400/8600, not the actual monitor or screen. I’m at least running at 1680×1050 but the refresh rates could be easier on the eyes. I’ll post if I find anything out.

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      I fixed/found the problem.

      Server 2008 wasn’t the problem it was the Nvidia package. They just provided me the wrong drivers (8600GT wasn’t included in the package). I downloaded an older version, checked the contents again to be sure those drivers are in there and updated the driver in Server 2008. Everything works fine now.



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