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        It looks like Stardock has finally delivered what a lot of us were looking for with ModernMix™, this little $5 application lets you run Metro/Modern/NCI applications in a window on th NT 6.2 desktop. Combined with Start8™ you never really need to deal any of the limitations Metro/Modern/NCI interface just to use a particularly appealing Metro/Modern/NCI application (if there really are any).

        I’ve tried it out and it seems to work as advertised without issue — the acid test however will be using it concurrently with DirectX and OpenGL applications and games, if it works well there without significantly impacting 3D application and game performance (both native Windows and Modern/NCI) or worse, crashing your system this might actually make the whole Metro/Modern/NCI debacle more appealing and attractive to Desktop Users and Administrators.


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