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    Will this version of Windows Server work on my gaming PC?

    ECS Mini-Itx motherboard
    Intel Pentium G3220
    8GB of DDR3-SDRAM (non-ECC)
    EVGA GeForce GTX 960 4GB
    500GB WD Green drive

    Also, would I gain anything with WS2012R2 over using Windows 7?

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    You can check the hardware requirements on Microsofts webbpage for Windows Server 2012-R2.

    WS2012-R2 is faster than W7.

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    Ok, it appears that it meets the requirements. Is it possible to do a migration with apps and files intact, or would I have to start fresh?

    EDIT: I’m guessing I won’t be able too, but I’ll try and just mount the ISO on win7 and see for myself first.

    EDIT2: Nope can’t do it, looks like another thing to do this weekend. It took a long time to download all those games though and I didn’t really want to spend all that time re-downloading them. I have no space to back them up.

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