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      Anyone know how install NOD32 version 4 on server 2008? I tried ORCA and an hexdecimal but didn`t work?, tried denied permissions on regedit but also didn`t work…

      any suggestion?

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      what u removed with ORCA ?

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      i took out all parameters.

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      Quick background:
      It seems only the older MSI’s use LaunchConditions, it’s getting more common to use CustomActions I’ve noticed – probably to try and prevent people like us from doing exactly this – ha! In this case with the NOD v4.1 Beta MSI, it’s the CA “InstSuppPrepareInstall” which uses InstSupp.dll [inside the MSI] to do somesuch nonsense to, well, prepair the system I guess.

      I spent about an hour figuring this one out, and was even trying to hack the InstSupp.dll, but after some random experimentation I found the way to get around it with just Orca.

      Under the table “InstallUISequence”, drop the row “InstSuppPrepareInstall”. Thats it!
      EDIT: Also had to do this as I found it would fail install…
      Under the table “InstallUISequence”, drop the row “InstSuppApplyUIChanges”. NOW thats it!

      Hope it works for you, it does for me =D Peace!!!

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      Worked fine for eav_nt64_enu (version 3.0.669.0).

      I’ve been running trial version for awhile [s:30173198]and get 30-day username/password from http://XxXxXxXxXx/%5B/s:30173198%5D

      Arris: Don’t advocate piracy, please!

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      It worked perfect for me, thank you!

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      @JonusC wrote:


      Quick background:

      Thank you so much for this fix, worked great.

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        as i already mentioned on the security software page comments – i tried “hacking” around with permission values and stuff all the way too – but that is not the fact – the setup doesn’t seem to care about it – only important thing is to have a “business edition” by only changing the “producttype” value from eav/ess to eavbe/essbe – and it will work.
        simple as that ^^

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        dude, it worked, thank’s a lot

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