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      Hi all,

      This is what Server 2008 is telling me. “No audio devices are installed”.

      I have the x64 Enterprise edition installed and have a Creative SB X-fi sound card. I have the drivers installed and Device Manager tells me the device is working properly, yet Windows does not think I have one.

      So I am rather confused on what the issue is here. Any help or suggestions?

      Thanks so much.


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        If all drivers are installed the Audio Device should work properly indeed. The only thing I can think of is that the Windows Audio service is stopped/disabled. To let the Windows Audio service automatically start up click Run in the Start menu and enter services.msc. Now search and doubleclick the Windows Audio service and set the Startup type to Automatic, click Apply, click Start and then OK.

        Good luck!

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        Yeah. In reality, I am just a newb. 🙂

        I had the wrong X-Fi Driver installed. There are numerous choices for the X-Fi and I choose the wrong one.

        Everything is all good now.

        Thanks so much!

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          Haha no problem! 😆 I’m glad you solved it! 😉

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          Can I ask where you got the driver from? I have a HP D5000T and I think the onboard sound is SB X-Fi, I have been unable to get find a driver that will work?

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