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      hi there i’m looking for help with NFS Shift, is anybody succeed to start the game under R2? Installation going on my pc without problems, so after that I tried compability with older win versions without success- the response is : this program need to close.

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      I know this is a rather old topic, but I may be able to help. I have Shift running without any problems on R2. In fact, I just reinstalled it the other day.

      I have two questions for you –
      1. What video card do you have and what version driver for it? My R2 computer is now my HTPC computer with an ATI HD6450 video card. I had problems with Shift continuously crashing while starting. I discovered that it had to do with some of Catalyst software. I uninstalled ALL Catalyst software and installed ONLY the video card driver. I have had no problems since.

      2. What error code are you receiving?

      As a side note, I used to have an nVidia GTX 260 video card in this machine and had no problems at all.

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