nForce4 audio 2k8_x64 – stereo only? [RESOLVED]

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      [s:37rg016d]I can't seem to find a non-realtek driver for vista64 that gives me 5.1 like i had in xp64.
      I want to use nvidia drivers as the realtek drivers are :censored: sh!t.
      Also, the nVidia drivers have ASIO support, which I need.
      Is there a proper nForce4 audio driver that gives full use of the ac97 chip? ie: 5.1[surround] instead of only 2.0[stereo][/s:37rg016d]

      I contacted Nvidia. They told me they no longer supply their own audio drivers anymore, like they did with the 6.86 and earlier chipset packages.
      The realtek driver I had was from 2004. 😯
      So, I downloaded the [much newer] realtek 6285 x64 [may 2008] AC97 drivers as well as ASIO4ALL v2.9.

      Seems that I have answered my own question… again. 😉

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      Haha, I’m glad you fixed it yourself AGAIN! 😉 Thanks for also posting the solution, this will probably also help some other people with this problem. 🙂

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