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      Is it possible to make Windows Live apps installing on Windows Server 2008? I need Windows Live Desktop and I can’t install that. Please help me 🙂

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      try installing using the unreal tournament 3 method by using orca to remove the os dependency if it is coming up sayign it is unable to install on a server os but make sure you have the downloaded installer and not the web installer or you wont be able to setup the msi

      otherwise it just might be one that cant run on server

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        Addition to Mauller07: to get the .msi files for the installations, you can use the method described at Stealthpuppy Blog. Next you can modify the .msi and install. That should work. Good luck!

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        Use my Skydrive folder, there are almost all Live Programs in standalone package.
        Good Luck

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          Nice work zolee001! 🙂 Now everyone can install all Microsoft Live programs. The WLinstaller.exe just sucks! 😉

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          I tried a number of different MSI’s and could not get Live Messenger to install.
          My last effort was to copy the Live Messenger files from one active copy of windows onto my local hard drive without installing. If I then ran the EXE and everything worked like a charm!

          I hope this helps.


          PS. Some plugins do not work as they look for the registry entries that don’t exist.

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          I modified the Windows Live Installer Beta i found on msgshit today to work with Windows 2008 Server.

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            Good job FilleMang! Now the installer works great on Windows Server 2008! I’m sure this modified wlsetup-web.exe will get a lot of downloads! 😉

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            here is my patched version


            you can find the old one in the previous post (the stable version)

            Have a nice day

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            Can someone patch the german version too?
            Here the Link for the German beta:

            Thanks! 😀

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            I used these instruction for here to convert the Wave 3 Beta exe so it would run on Server 2008 32bit!


            Update: Rafael Rivera Jr. has provided a much more elegant method of providing support for unsupported operating systems:

            #1. Download Resource Hacker.

            #2. Open the Live installer executable (either WLSetup-All.exe or WLSetup-Web.exe) inside Resource Hacker.
            #3. Locate CONFIG -> CONFIG0 -> 0
            #4. Strip out the following XML, leaving the surrounding text:


            #5. Compile the script.
            #6. Save the modified executable.
            #7. Run the modified executable, and the OS check is no longer there!

            Much better than trying to get files during mid install etc.

            I was able to install all programs from the beta pack.



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            It doesn’t work with the german version.
            This is the error-message:

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            Unfortunatly I do not know what that message says. I only used the edit with the english version.

            Edit: just looking at the code about. Maybe you could try changing the language in the code from en to the german code?

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            I’ve tried with de instead of en.
            Unfortunately, it didn’t worked again.
            The error message says something like:
            Installation package was not signed.

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            The newest version of the Windows Live application suite, Windows Live Essentials, installs and the applications run without a problem:


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            @alltruist wrote:

            The newest version of the Windows Live application suite, Windows Live Essentials, installs and the applications run without a problem:


            Thanks for the info… 🙂

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            You can use the simple installer I made ( actually, a .bat file 😛 ).
            It contains the last version of WLM 9.
            Plus! and A-Patch are included.

            For both x32 and x64.

            Download link:

            ATTENTION: Messenger.msi is the Italian one. Somebody replace it! It’s very very simple.

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            Today, Windows Update had an Optional Update. Windows Live! I selected it. I now have Windows Live Movie Maker and Live Photo Gallery installed in Server 2008. 😀

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