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      Hey all, I’ve been using 2008 as my workstation at work for some time, finally got around to upgrading my gaming PC and thought I would give Server 2008 X64 a shot before I went to Vista X64. So far everything has gone well, haven’t got any games installed yet, but the OS is working beautifully, 100% compatibility with all my hardware, and extremely fast.

      Hardware Specs;
      Asus P5E, Intel Wolfdale 3Ghz E8400, Corsair 4 X 2GB DDR2, BFGtech GTX260, 2 x Seagate 250Gb RAID 0

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        Hey Davejb, good to hear Windows Server 2008 x64 works very well for you! Almost all games work fine on this OS without or with some hacks. Currently more than 95% of the games run fine, so I expect you can play the games without any problems. If you encounter any problems, don’t hesitate to ask a question at this forum! 🙂

        See you around! 😉


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        Only one that gave me an issue so far was Grid (an issue with the game, not server 08), but some research got it going, I posted the fix in the game forum as I didn’t see it anywhere.

    Viewing 2 reply threads
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