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        New testresults from Matousec, 2014-12-08

        avast! Internet Security 2015.10.0.2208
        Dr.Web Security Space
        ESET Smart Security 8.0.304.0
        Panda Global Protection 2015 15.0.4

        “ESET Smart Security is the winner for today.
        Not only that it scored much better than all other products tested today combined,
        but most importanly, it was the only product that improved its score from its previous version.
        This product is slowly, but consistently, improving, which is rare among today’s security suites.
        A common pattern that we see more and more often is that a new UI design is the primary thing in new versions of security products and no significant improvements are made on the security field.
        This does not hold for ESET.
        Yet still there is a long way to go for this product to play on par with the best, it scored 67 % this time.

        No improvements over the previously tested versions were found in Dr.Web Security Space and avast! Internet Security.
        Dr.Web does implement more behavioral based protection features than most of security products,
        but it is simply not good enough yet and major improvements are still needed.
        24% for Dr.Web is nothing to be proud of.
        Especially, if this is the same score as previously.
        Not much to be said about avast!’s 8% performance.
        Same as before, nothing interesting.

        The last for today and the worst overall is Panda Global Protection.
        It almost made it to the unbeatable 0% score, but somehow it managed to get 1 %.
        The worst among bad, that’s Panda.


        Very interesting reading, as usual.

        Where are your firewall on that list…? 😉

        Comodo is still #1 with 97 % !
        And it´s FREE, so why not use it…?
        Although Comodo Firewall offially doesn´t support WS, their HIPS work.
        I know, I´ve been using Comodo Firewall ( HIPS only !) for years.
        You find the instructions for installing it here: viewtopic.php?f=64&t=2551

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