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      I literally just finished installing 2k8 X64 std and so far I’m about 60~70% through the guide.

      It’s all that and a bag of Doritos people.

      So far the speed has already out done Vista Ultimate X64.

      I got some more tweaking to do, but DAMN!

      I wa plesantly surprised to find out my disk does have SP-1 slipstreamed. My Vista disk say w/SP-1, my 2k8 disk doesnt.

      So far 0 unplesant, 1 plesant surprise.

      The cofiguring continues.

      Awesome site!!

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      hey joel why not use sawo app ? to config it :)?

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      I did’nt use the tool because i wanted to see if the layout was anywhere near the same as 2k3.

      And doing it manually was a learning expirence.

      Next time I’ll try the tool.

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