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      Ok, so I apparently did something and cannot figure it out…

      Heres the Skinny:

      Server wish Win7Ultimate (down from 2k8R2)
      Laptop with Win7Ultimate as well

      BOTH systems have IPv6 and Homegroup disabled, along with NetBIOS (not the service but the option under advanced in the IPv4 panel). Both are also a member of the same workgroup, have static IP’s and DNS’s.

      BUT!!! my laptop cannot seem to see my Server in the “Network” panel (and using its name doesnt work, but using its IP does)

      Now the Server system, when I go into “Network” can see my entire network PERFECTLY, however my laptop cannot! My laptop does see my shared library in the “Network” panel, but when I try to access it WMP starts but doesnt show remote library!!!

      So let me try to sum it up: Server can see and access WMP library, access VIA its computer name and IP, and see it in the “Network” panel

      Laptop can see the Server’s WMP library (in the “Network” panel) but attempting to access it just starts WMP but doesnt add it to the left side menu like it does on the Server, it cannot access the server by its computer name, only its IP, and though the server’s WMP lib shows up in the “Network” panel, the server itself doesnt!

      (lots of repeats I know, but issues with GFX card as well are driving me to distraction)

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