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      Hello this is my first post on these forums. I have an Acer Aspire One netbook that is dualbooting Win7 ultimate 32 bit, Server 2008 32 bit, and BackTrack Linux 32 bit. It came from the manufacturer with win7 starter edition, but I found that far too limited and installed Ultimate instead. But ultimate is slower than a tortoise on it and vista is even slower,,. So I downloaded a fully licensed copy of Server 2008 from the Microsoft DreamSpark webite, and installed it,found that my apps are extremely responsive. Ive never seen a version of Windows as far as this.But thete is one glaring issue, which is that my Atheros AR5B95 drivers werent recognized by the system (in Device Manager).so I tried to install the 7 version of the driver, device manager still shows it with a yellow mark beside it.i found a vista 32 bit version(several, actually) but none of them come with a setup.exe file.the file are all .cat, .inf, and .sys files.i even tried deleting those files from the 7 driver folder and replacing them with the vista ones, the setup installed perfectly but the device is still showing as not recognized. Without a setup file how am I supposed to install them? Not only that but most of the files are bogus,most came with setup files for various driver updater software, which of course you have to pay for. It also seems does not have an official downloads site,all thefiles I got came from 3rd party sites. There are other driversthat need to be installed but this is the one that will get me on the internet so ill worry about them later.i really want to use Server as my main OS after seeing how fast it is, please help me with this pressing issue. Thanks in advance. Please reply soon.

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        Downloading and installing the Vista x86 (32bit) drivers via the Acer Support website should work fine. If these won’t install, extract them from Windows 7 using the Double Driver tool and try to install these.

        After downloading/extracting the drivers, install them manually as described in the manual (Method 2).

        If you still can’t install them, paste the message shown in the Device status box shown in the Device Manager (Start -> Run -> devmgmt.msc).

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        I forgot to respond to this long ago, but I did manage to find a version that worked correctly under R2. when i originally made the 1st post i was still running 2008 32 bit (not r2), i then switched to R2 when i discovered that this netbook’s processor supports a 64 bit OS. i then discovered that the 7 version of the driver installs and works fine under R2, but found a more recent version so i’m using that instead.

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