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      So here’s my issue:

      I have a 3G/4G Internet device from CLEAR ( When I plug it in on Windows 8 it works just fine, it doesn’t even need to install any drivers. Apparently it relies on drivers that are already embedded into 8. It does pop up an AutoPlay option (in 8) to install optional drivers that are embedded into the device, but they arent necessary and the Internet connection works on the fly whereever I can receive a signal.

      But when I plug it in on Server, the 5 dots on the device turn green, indicating a connection, just like it does on 8. However, when I open up IE or any other browser it says I’m not connected to a network. 8 doesnt do this. I have turned off IE Enhanced Security Configuration for Administrators (but not Users), I have turned on the Wireless LAN (or whatever it’s called) Feature and rebooted, and now regular WiFi connections pick up. But no matter what I do this mobile Internet device wont work. I’ve also noticed that when I plug the device in Server automatically installs its’ drivers, like it would for a USB HDD etc, but the AutoPlay function doesnt appear. Why?

      What am I doing wrong? Is there anything else I need to activate within Server, or anything else I need to do in particular?

      Thanks for any help!

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