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      What can I say about the new modern Microsoft “metro style” operating system. Not much that’s for sure. It doesn’t belong on a DESKTOP operating system. The metro interface is too clustered and confuses the brain. After a while when you begin to install more apps, the start menu metro interface gets TOO populated. How is this more organized and user friendly? It is not. What is the point of a metro interface if you do not support any metro apps on server! The Microsoft “Store” was nowhere to be found on Server 8 Beta atleast that I could find from a simple navigational search of the OS. The boot time of this operating system performed twice as slow as R2 on the same exact hardware. With no desktop tweaks/configurations R2 booted up in 27 seconds on my quad core desktop. Compare that to 52 seconds on a barebone Server 8 OS.

      A slower OS, more exhaustive searching, and a brain-puzzling metro interface make for a BAD USER EXPERIENCE. My advice: Stick to R2.

      Watch my full video review of Server 8 Beta as a desktop here:


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