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      Battlefield 2
      Battlefield 2142
      HalfLife 2
      Call of Duty 4
      Far Cry
      Fear Extraction Point
      Quake 4
      Silent Hunter 3
      Star Trek Bridge Commander
      Star Trek Elite Force 2
      More to come…

      Dont forget to install the gameux.dll and register it.

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      Bioshock works great on win2k8 server. Ahh, my first DX10 game. 🙂

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      Has anyone explained how to register the gameux.dll yet? I do not mess with the gaming side of Srv08 since I am just trying to make sure all apps work. Can you explain to me how to properly register it?

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        Haven’t you looked at the main page for a while? Some time ago I added a tutorial about how to register gameux.dll in srv2008 x86 / x64! 😉

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        Yeah, I am an idiot! I have not looked at the mainpage in awhile. Sorry, for the screw up 😆

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        I am adding Crysis to my list of working games. Runs like a champ.

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        Another 2 games that worked perfectly, Zuma Deluxe and Anarchy Online.

        I would even go as far as to say the performance of Zuma Deluxe is even better than in Vista..

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        Lol, I run an old Prescott P4 [3.2GHz] and 2008 is a hell of a lot faster than Vista with EVERYTHING! I also find that games are just as compatible as Vista. My older favorites such as Age of Wonders Shadow Magic, GTA2 [with the DMUSIC.DLL fix] and my current favorite game – SPORE – work 100% for me. They are all faster than the evaluation copy of Vista SP1 I have/had!

        This site/forum rocks.

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