My Dell Dimension 3000 doesn’t have drivers compatible?

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      Just installed Windows Server 2008 on my OLD Dell Dimension 3000 computer. Used the automatic workstation convert and mostly everything worked perfectly. However, in my Device Manager, it shows these as all being problematic: Display Adapters > Standard VGA Graphics Adapter, Other Devices > Ethernet Controller, Multimedia Audio Controller, PCI Modem, Video Controller, Video Controller.

      My main problem is, I can’t connect to the internet (using my laptop). I tried going to Dell’s site to download drivers for the display and ethernet connection. However, the highest OS in the drop-down is XP and when I tried installing them, it says the drivers can’t be installed due to OS incompatibility. So basically, I’m missing the drivers necessary to get my internet connection and my video card recognized.

      I have the ATI Radeon 9250 but it won’t recognize it since I don’t even have drivers for the Standard VGA Adapter (driver isn’t compatible with Server 2008). I’m using an onboard NIC that came with the Dell (I believe it’s the Intel (R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection).

      Am I just out of luck since this Dell’s parts are just too old to be able to run with Server 2008? 😥

      HELP please!!!!

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        It’s a really old pc indeed. I’d try to find out the real device names using Lavalys Everest and try to find the (Vista) drivers at the manufacturers’ website or websites like Maybe you can use the on-board graphics card in stead of the Radeon 9250 which isn’t supported in Vista and later OS’s.

        If nothing works, just install Windows Workstation 2003 or Windows XP on it.

        Good luck!

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